Piston FAQ's

1. Are all of your pistons forged?
No, though most of our pistons are forged we do also offer Billet pistons. We do not manufacture cast pistons.
2. What is the difference between a cast and forged pistons?
Cast pistons do not have the grain flow patterns that forged pistons have and thus are not as strong. The current quality of the billet material makes them very close in strength to a forging.
3. Why would someone pay more for a billet piston?
Manufacturing billet pistons allows us to custom tailor a design specifically for the customer, and also allows us to change the design as requirements change. We develop all of our forgings by making them in billet initially until the design is proven, and we then invest in the tooling for a forging.
4. 4032 VS 2618
4032 Material has higher silicone content, making it expand less with the heat applied. This in turn makes it better for lower horse power applications where noise is a concern. 2618 is the best material for high performance applications; it is the material used industry wide for extreme applications such as Top Fuel and Sprint Car.
5. Can I order a shelf part and make dimensional changes?
Absolutely! We prefer to have a smaller selection of shelf parts and allow you to make the changes your specific engine requires. Any change such as C.D. or Bore can be changed at no charge. In fact as long as it does not require a redesign of the part or a forging change we will change it for you at no charge. We can also add any feature to any part for a small fee.
6. RaceTec or AutoTec, which should I choose?
First of all, what is the application? If it is a street strip small block making 600HP then an AutoTec would be the best part. If it is a drag racing mountain motor seeing a 1200HP shot of nitrous then a RaceTec would be the best part for your application. Call us we will help you to decide which part will work best for you!
7. Still Can't Find What You Are Looking For?
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